3 Ways to Wear a Ruffle Sweater {and not feel 12!}

I recently picked up this great ruffle sweater from Target's new line, A New Day. If you haven't checked out that line yet, you must! They have really fun and trendy styles. 
I was instantly drawn to this sweater, but a little unsure of how I'd style it. Ruffles in bright pink tend to look childish, and with my baby face I have to be mindful of that! 
I had a fun "play dress up in my own closet" session to play around with this sweater. 

Style 1 

The ruffles and hot pink need a little chic to balance them out. I first paired the sweater with a polished pair of flares, leopard flats, and statement earrings. 
A half tuck accents the waist.

Style 2 

The sweater felt really sassy and feminine paired with a patterned pencil skirt and black pumps. Pearls add a professional vibe. 

Style 3

The sweater is such a statement on it's own that it pairs wonderfully with dark wash skinnies. Pointed flats add that needed dose of chic. 

How else would you style this sweater? I know I will definitely be wearing it for one of my Christmas gatherings coming up these next few weeks! 
Since Daniel and I leave for New Zealand December 20th, all of our festivities are early this year. Our family has been so gracious planning around us. It's the opportunity of a lifetime and I can't believe I'll be on my first international flight 19 days from now!
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  1. I love that line at Target! I think I saw this sweater in black and thought about getting it. Love the styles you have here - especially with the pencil skirt. Cute! I was thinking of pairing it with a flirty holiday skirt and sparkly bling and heels for a party, but ended up going a totally different direction. Now I want to go back and get the sweater! :)

  2. Oh that would be gorgeous with sparkly bling and heels! I didn't know they had it in black, that would be gorgeous and so versatile.

  3. I like the leopard flats too. I hope you have an amazing time in New Zealand!

  4. My favorite is the pencil skirt - thanks for reminding me to take a look at the latest Target sweaters!

  5. Super cute - Love it with the skirt!

  6. Wow, this just reminded me of a few tops I have with which I have to be very careful about which pants I pair it with, or else I lose my entire frame! Nice to see someone else have the dilemma with ruffles, which also make me look like a tween. I think your hair and pencil skirt compliment you the best!

  7. I really like the look with the skirt and the skinny jeans. Very cute!

  8. I like sweaters like this with some interest so they're cute without too much accessorizing!

  9. Kelsey, this sweater is darling! I really like all three ways that you have styled it. And I am also thinking how adorable it would be with a fuller skirt (like a skater style skirt or even a nice poofy tulle skirt), patterned tights and velvet booties...it would be super festive for holiday events! Thanks so much for linking up with me! I look forward to seeing how else you style your new sweater during the holiday season.



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