For the Love of Green Trees

In our time in Eastern Oregon the last three years, I missed green SO much. I learned that the desert has it's own beauty, but continued to yearn for the deep, shadowy forests and leafy trees I'd been accustomed to. I remember getting out of the car after the long drive to the Portland area and deeply breathing in the refreshing smell of evergreens. Now that we've moved back to the Willamette Valley, I am lucky enough to have a wooded park a three minute walk from my door! 
I recently got my hair colored (for the first time since 2011!), and am enjoying the fresh style. I love layers for this time of year. An olive swing dress and long cardigan are cozy and classy with textured tights and boots. My favorite part of this outfit, though, is my scarf hand-knit by my Grandma. She is so talented and I love wearing her one-of-a-kind pieces made with love. 
In contrast to my celebration of all things green, check out some of my posts highlighting the beauty of the dry side of the state like multi-patterned scarf and desert landscapes, January snow shoe adventure, and night out style in Joseph, OR.

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  1. Pretty green dress! Hunter green and olive are so great for mixing with black and brown. And so sweet that you can think of your family when wearing the handmade scarf!

  2. I'm with you: I appreciate the desert's beauty, but there's nothing like the lush, vibrant greenery of the forest!

  3. The scarf your grandma handknit is SO lovely!! It goes beautifully with your whole outfit!

  4. I am a desert girl. I love the purples and browns and deep reds but green is its own good glory!

  5. I definitely appreciate the beauty of trees! You look lovely! That dress and scarf are fabulous together!

  6. I love taking photos on the back of our home among the forestry trees. You layered so nicely Kelsey. Looking adorable!

    Welcome by Thursdays and join my linkup pretty lady. Also, starting this Sunday I am running a monthly style linkup so welcome by. Have a great day! Ada =)

  7. That hand-knit scarf is beautiful, and it really pulls together the whole vibe of the outfit.

  8. I do love the green, and also living close enough to visit the desert - to be honest, when I lived on the east coast, I missed seeing desert, especially high desert. We are lucky in Oregon to have various climates so close to each other!

  9. Fabulous outfit, really like the snood. x Jacqui


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