Our favorite games & snacks for game night

Daniel and I love hosting game nights. We have an eclectic, hilarious, and competitive group of friends and getting people together to play games always turns into a great night. 
And because snacks are always a priority in my life, I like to go all out for game nights. 
But I also like to make it a little bit healthy, of course. 

Hummus & pita chips or veggies are always a great staple. 
Recently I made this awesome greek yogurt fruit dip. It only has 5 ingredients and is super tasty. Popcorn is of course a classic. You can keep it light by having plain or lightly salted popcorn, like from Skinny Pop, and getting that sweet-and-salty mix by adding in some chocolate covered nuts. Dark chocolate covered almonds really hit the spot.
 We have an entire shelf full of both classic and rare games, and are constantly learning new ones. I'll share some of our favorite lesser-known games.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf : Each player gets a role in the village, players "go to sleep" and werewolves attack! Players then have to decide who the werewolves are. This quick game includes a lot of suspense, debate, and bluffing. A phone app narrates the whole story in a creepy voice with awesome background music. Since we bought this game, we have not had a game night without it!

Forbidden Island : In this cooperative game, players work together to gather 4 treasures and escape the island before it sinks! This game is strategic, exciting, and visually appealing. We have a similar game called Forbidden Desert that is even more challenging. I don't have much of a competitive streak so I really enjoy cooperative games.

Sushi Go! : Brightly colored and adorable animated sushi characters make this game happy and fun. Players compete to build decks and gain points. Sushi Go! is quick, easy to learn, and just so darn cute. Warning: I always want Sushi after playing.

Obama Lama : Part charades, part catchphrase and part memory, this game is all about rhymes. Teams have to figure out what rhyming verb goes with the given famous name. For example, the front of the card might say 'Harrison Ford' and your team acts or gives clues until you guess 'Harrison Ford uses a sword'. Next, your team has to reveal two matching cards from the facedown set! This game is unpredictable because sometimes your card-memorizing skills are more important than your acting chops. Either way, it's fun and hilarious and great for groups.

We have so many memories of playing these and other great games with friends and family. I hope you try them (and some delicious snack ideas)! What are your favorite board games, and snacks for game night?
 Check out some more healthier snack ideas on my post 6 Healthier Treats {I Can Actually Live With}.

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  1. We tend to play more traditional card games now that our kids are older, but we still enjoy a board game now and then. Scrabble is a perennial favorite, and we are currently loving "Ticket to Ride" as well.

  2. We love game night, and I'll have to check out some of these games! Fun snack ideas, too. Thanks!

  3. Oh my I love making popcorn that way. Started making it that way in college!


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