August Friday Favorites

Woah, August is gone?! This month went by SO fast. After Disneyland at the end of July we said we wanted to slow down and savor August, but it went by SO fast. Here's my highlights and fave things from the past month. 


 We floated the Molalla River FIVE times this summer! It was a blast, and so relaxing. My idea of ultimate summer fun is an adventure that gives you a sunburn and a bruise, and this float delivers in both categories. One Saturday afternoon this month a miracle happened- a dozen of our friends were free to get together and float!
 We went to Seattle for some baseball games, I especially enjoyed an afternoon exploring Bainbridge Island with my mother-in-law. It was my first time taking a ferry, and the island is just so refreshing after being downtown!
We had some amazing desserts, and I was thoroughly entertained by these soaps in one of the shops, especially the Lefties one. It's too real!!

I had so much fun swimming with my niece and nephew. They are like me in that we want to be in the water no matter the temperature outside. (It was only 71 out that day). 
At the beginning of the month we attended an incredibly fun wedding of some friends. The photographer snapped this photo and I love it. 


I have been nonstop playing Jason Mraz this month. He released a new album, Know., and I also just recently discovered his previous album, YES! His music is inspiring, soothing, and cheerful. I am so excited to see him in concert at Edgefield next month. 
There seems to be a little bit of a romantic comedy revival going on, and I am LOVING it! I've been sad the last few years when these type of movies have been harder to find. I loved "Crazy Rich Asians", I also loved the Netflix movies "To all the Boys I Loved Before" (I'd read the books) and "The Kissing Booth". 


I found this dress at LOFT when shopping with my sister and wore it for a date. I love it and can't wait to style it more ways. 
 We had a busy day in Seattle going to the Museum of Pop Culture, exploring the market, and going to a Dodgers/Mariners game. I kept comfy and stylish in a swing dress, chambray skirt I tied around my waist when it was warm, and chucks.
I've been rocking a lot of half-up topknots this month. Check out the second half of my post the other day for a fun twist. 


I've been experimenting with bowls more and more. I love throwing in a grain, a whole bunch of produce, and a fun sauce. This photo was from a night of "his and hers" bowls. They're easy to customize for individual preferences. 
I was blessed with a lot of home grown produce from family and friends this month and got creative using it all up! My freezer is full of zucchini baked goodies (this is the best bread ever, legit tastes like chocolate cake), and I've enjoyed shmearing a bagel thin with cream cheese, a sprinkle of herbs, and topping with a fresh tomato slice. 
 This month I had fun building up a stash of handmade cards. Lettering is so fun and relaxing for me. Here's an easy tutorial. 
Random last one, I picked up this tea at an AM/PM of all places and I can't forget about it, it was so good. 
I hope you had a wonderful month, thanks for stopping by for my Friday Faves!

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  1. I think I need to try that tea!

  2. I've seen Crazy Rich Asians and To all the Boys I Loved Before and sounds like next should be The Kissing Booth! I also watched Set It Up and would recommend it

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