what to wear with crazy leggings {to not look crazy}

Leggings are seriously in and seem to be here to stay. The fun, patterned leggings that are so on-trend remind me of running around the neighborhood in my striped and polka dot leggings when I was a kid. I remember in second grade scraping my knee and gashing a hole in my new leggings and crying "they were supposed to last!". In 4th grade I had purple leggings with yellow flowers and a matching fabric headband I wore nearly everyday. 
All in all I find leggings to be practical, comfortable, whimsical, and stylish. There are so many gorgeous and fun patterns out there and I want to share some tips for what to wear with your crazy leggings, but not look like a crazy person. All of the leggings featured in this post are from LuLaRoe, which is absolutely my go-to for leggings, especially the fun ones! 

1. Solids 

With bottoms as busy as these, solids are a great way to mellow things out. A complimentary but not super matchy-matchy color works great. 

2. Denim 

Denim is a pattern and texture most of us are comfortable with, so adding a jean jacket, skirt, or chambray shirt to leggings balances them out and goes great with the whimsical flavor. 

3. Top Length  

Be mindful of pairing your leggings with tops that make you feel comfortable and confident. I prefer tops which cover the booty and the front. Everyone is different, so experiment and see what works for you. 

It's easy to wear our cozy leggings just lounging around the house, I hope these tips can help you enjoy that comfort and fun out and about, too! For more "how to wear it" posts, check out this ruffle sweater post, this linen pants post, or make new looks with your favorite blouse and jeans.

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  1. I always struggle with this so these tips are definitely appreciated Kelsey!


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