Wearing Lately: December

Thinking about what I want to wear that day helps me get out of bed in the morning- no lie.
That being said, I've been wearing a lot of fun outfits lately but what with the craziness that is the month of December, I've not had enough time to get truly post-worthy photos. SO, this is my first ever major outfit dump, highlighting my favorite looks for December.

                                                             business casual work outfits
                                                           Holiday family get-together outfits

                                                                  Casual cozy looks
                                                       Highlighting accessories and patterns

What's your favorite look from the month? 
Honestly right now the second half of Christmas break I am spending most of my time in sweats and on the couch, something a little like this: 
I hope you are getting some rest and recovery this week, a late Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year to you!

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  1. I'm with you on living in PJs/sweats for the last several days!!! It's chilly outside, but comfy inside :) Happy Holidays Kelsey!

  2. I've been living in my sweats for the past few days too. Oh wait, I work from home, and I'm always living in sweats, haha. Thanks for sharing your cute outfits for inspiration!


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