5 Steps to Take Today to make 2019 Amazing

Happy New Year! I find January so refreshing and inspiring. Here's some tiny things to do today to embrace this fresh start with a whole heart. 

1. Do a bit of prep for healthy eating.
Most of us are ready to eat healthier in January after all the holiday splurges. Eating healthier is much easier if you have nutritious options ready! Put some nuts, trail mix, or sliced veggies in snack sized baggies. Prepare and freeze some energy-packed muffins or make some smoothies ahead of time so you can quickly prep and go in the morning.
I prepped pumpkin chai smoothies in ziplock bags. Each baggy has canned pumpkin, a banana, oats, chia seeds, flax seed, and a couple spoonfuls of chai mix. I can just throw these in the blender with a little ice and almond milk and take them to go to work!

2. Turn your phone off for at least an hour.
Unplugging is so good for you, and I think by 2019 we all want to disconnect a little bit. Start the year with a little more mindfulness by turning off your phone for a whole hour (gasp!) and being a little more present. Indulge in the luxury of doing one thing at a time. (Currently, I am blogging and watching New Girl with my phone right by my side, so believe me when I say this is a challenge for me too, but oh so important).

3. Have a good conversation with someone you love.
Meaningful talks are good for our relationships, and emotional and mental health. What better way to start the year than really connecting with someone important to you? Maybe talk with them about your dreams and goals for the year, or reflect on the year that has passed. Or just spend time laughing and enjoying one another's company. It does the soul good.

4. Tidy up a little.
A clearer space helps us find an uncluttered mind. A space that is fresh and inspirational helps us stay motivated. It may not be the best day for a complete deep clean, but taking a few minutes to tidy your living space, closet, or fridge can make a big difference in giving you a new start.

5. Practice gratitude.
As a psychology student I learned that gratitude is the strongest predictor of happiness. Not money, not marriage, not success... gratitude. We can all use more happiness. Take a few minutes today to list, mentally or on paper, several things you are grateful for. They can be simple, big picture, or the tiniest details. Thankfulness makes for an open heart encouraged and inspired to walk into the new year with joy.
What are your goals and inspirations this year? 


  1. Happy new year! Thanks for sharing these tips! I really appreciate #2 and #3. Most people are attached to their phones 24/7, and it's so important to take a break from devices and focus on real human connection.

  2. I worked on #4 today! I finished putting away Christmas decorations and made serious progress in clearing off my crafts table. That second step is so important because I just won't pursue any of my creative hobbies if my table is covered in crap. Happy New Year to you, Kelsey!

  3. Love these, Kelsey! We've been working on #4 as we pack up our house and prepare to move, which has been both freeing and frustrating at the same time :) Happy New Year to you!

  4. we came across your blog recently... bc we are tea snobs as well haha... we love it. it's super inspiring and put together so well. keep up the beautiful content ;0


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