If you already failed your new years resolution, this is for you.

Many of us jump into January with that shiny, new feeling of fresh start. We head into the year wide-eyed and hopeful, full of a vision of the greatness we could achieve and how changed life could be... and then we mess up. We feel as if that vision of our best selves has slipped away, and we failed at our one opportunity.

Good news: that fresh start, that excitement over our potential, that hope that being our better selves is truly possible- Jesus has this for us every. single. day.

Despite our short comings, our failures to attain that perfect version of our selves, our truly ugly, nitty gritty sins- he gives us a new chance every day.

He holds that beautiful vision and that fresh start promise for you every moment. This promise is sprinkled all throughout his word. And his vision isn't a thinner you, or a you who exercises, or a you who saves money or is more present or doesn't eat dessert. His vision for you is greater than you could ever imagine.

A you designed for complete love. A you living fully who you were meant to be. A you full of the peace, joy, hope, freedom, and love only he can fill you with. A you who strives and messes up again and again, but is perfectly loved, seen, and known the entire time.

A you who is free in your striving because you rest in his perfect love.

This is the gospel: Despite our yuckiness, despite the fact that we fail to live up to the perfect vision we have for ourselves- Jesus loves us, picks us up, and gives us another chance. He gave himself for us so that he could cleanse us from our shortcomings and wrap us up in that redeeming, hope-filled, new year love.

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