Food that Feels Good Monthlong Dinner Menu

Sometimes we just need a reset. After a few weeks that are packed with fun but lack structure, rest, and routine, what you eat can be a big factor in getting back to balance. 
At the start of the year after the craziness of the holiday season, Daniel and I always set out to eat in a more balanced way to bring some structure and normalcy back to our world. My goal was meals that feel good.

What feels good is different for everyone. Just like some of us rest and recharge with reading a book, or going on a hike, or having coffee with a friend, all of us have different foods that are life-giving and refueling. For me food that feels good settles well, is packed with flavors I love, and is full of nutrients. For us this winter that looked like meals heavy on plants, whole grains, and lean proteins. 
I typed up this menu plan and stuck it on the fridge and we checked off each meal we enjoyed. This meal plan required 2 shopping trips- I shopped for week 1 and 2, and two weeks later shopped for week 3 and 4. Being produce heavy and low on meat, this plan was very affordable. 
I'm trying something new and rather than linking the recipes individually, I've made a Pinterest board. On this board you'll find all the recipes (or similar recipes) I used for the month, along with some of my favorite snacks to go with. 
If you are menu planning like me on this Sunday, I hope that this post provides you with some inspiration! What food feels good to you? 

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  1. Thank you for this. It's very helpful. I love roast potatoes and BBQ chicken. In fact, l love potatoes and chicken cooked in any form😀

  2. Such a clever idea to make up a meal plan! This all sounds delicious :)

  3. I'm super impressed that you put together a meal plan for an entire month! It all sounds amazing too...

  4. I can't believe you go a month out! I barely manage 3 night! LOL

  5. So many yummy dishes! I love all the veggies. I need to be so much better about planning... it helps with groceries so much to have the month planned out!

  6. Great ideas! It sounds delicious.

  7. I love this. Menu planning for a month is such a stress-reducer : ) And so many veggie recipes, too. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my blog.


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