Kale and Cookies

I made a thin mint smoothie just the other day that had kale in it. And cookies.

It also had plain greek yogurt, ice, mint, and chocolate chips.
But the kale and the cookies stand out to me. If that's not self care, I don't know what is.
 Self care is a careful balance of making good decisions for ourselves, and doing what feels good. Because if we are too strict with the good decisions, we lose joy. If we always do what feels good, we miss the benefits of taking care of ourselves and others.
Sometimes I get lost in between, and shame myself for not having more self-control, being able to make a decision to eat, exercise, think, and work a certain way and stick with it. Other times I run on fumes from not sleeping, eating, or giving myself the moments I need to create and connect and breathe. 
Self care is a careful balance of listening to both body and soul, and giving them both what they need.
My soul needs cookies. My body needs kale. We need the love that goes for the warm fuzzies and the sweet chocolaties and the belly laughs. We need the love that comes from the exhilaration after a tough workout and a big plate of roasted vegetables and the triumph of a goal completed even after it stopped being fun.
 Let yourself care for both your soul and body.

Caring for my soul by adorning myself with what feels good and prepared for a day of hard work and gentle grace all at once in this gorgeous tie-front skirt from LOFT (see three more looks here), ruffle-sleeve striped tee from H&M (see another look here), black tights, ankle booties, and a bold, bright smile that's ready to do what's good for my soul and body today.

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  1. Great insight, Kelsey, and I love your kale & cookies analogy. It's such a struggle though, because that perfect soul-body balance is never constant, and rarely the same as someone else's: we change and evolve throughout our lives, and so do the things that bring us peace and joy.

  2. Such great timing for this post. I've eaten so well today but was craving something snacky like chips and am currently sitting here eating a few SkinnyPop Puffs - and not feeling guilty about it! :) Everything in moderation. Wonderful insight, Kelsey. Thanks!

  3. Kale and cookies I mean the epitome of balance.

  4. Ah self care is so important! I love your cute chambray skirt!


  5. Kale and cookies? I'm cracking up! But honestly if you put cookies in, you could put any other vegetables too and it'd still taste like thin mints. ;)

  6. Self care is the most important. I think I would be really into a kale and cookie smoothie. Beautiful look, love the stripes and chambray!

    xx, Elise

  7. It's all about balance, right? I love the ruffled top on you Kelsey!

  8. After reading this I went straight into the kitchen and got a handful of Thin Mints ;)
    Balance and self care :)

  9. I love this post! It's all about balance and moderation! I am so curious, how was the smoothie? I hope it was good!

  10. I adore this post. It is so real! And relatable!! I really love your outfit too :)


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