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Happy Friday! It's been a while since I've done a Friday Favorites post. The first Friday back to work after spring break, lots of fun and new things to recap, and knowing I'm going to spend Friday night at H&R block getting our taxes done (adult life, yay) seems to warrant a fun post!


Daniel and I went on a getaway to McMenamin's newest hotel in Kalama. The weather was lovely and we spent a lot of time just relaxing in the sun with a good drink in hand. A full post on this adventure is coming soon. 
I've been listening to Andrew McMahon for half my life and in March I saw him live for the second time in a year! I'll fully admit, I'm obsessed with his music.  It gets my soul. The craziest part was when he weaved through the crowd during one song, I had no idea where he was, and then I turned around and he was hugging Daniel! As he turned away, I reached out and touched his back. I'm that fan. 
We saw Broadway Across America's Aladdin at Keller Auditorium. It was such a sparkly, flashy, colorful spectacle. I loved it. What was neat too is that they've brought several songs into the stage production which were cut from the Disney film. 
Over Spring Break I spent a weekend at my dad's with family. As I was driving home I realized that in the scope of the day I had ridden a bike, played on monkey bars and swings, played basketball, thrown a football, and rode a zipline. This picture captures our day pretty well. 
During that weekend we went to the zoo. It was my first time seeing the new expanded elephant area at the Oregon Zoo. I loved it! I could have watched the elephants all day. 


This was my favorite breakfast this week: plain greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey, a sliced banana, and Love Crunch cinnamon cashew granola with chocolate chunks. 
I really super hate pickles (we're talking phobia level), so I was really turned off by pickled red onions having the word 'pickled' in them. I tried them on tacos out last year and fell in love. I recently learned how to quick pickle onions at home and I am loving adding them to everything.  
I got a new plant! This snake plant is my new buddy. He's low maintenance and already growing so fast! I love the angular and modern shape. 
I also ordered some new air plants after killing my last one (oops). I ordered them from Amazon and they arrived in great shape! My new babies are settling in well.
I had fun exploring a flea market with my mom and grandma, my sweet grandma bought me this cake stand I adored. She even sang me the song that the saying is from. 
I got this felt floral wreath for my birthday, and the nice weather prompted me to put it on the front door. It makes me smile when I come home. 

For the Soul 

We're looking to buy our first home, and our house hunt got serious in March. It's been really hard for me to not obsess over finding a home, so I've been trying to give myself some meaningful distractions. I'm such a doer and I seem to have way less concrete tasks right now than I'm used to, so I'm trying to find purpose in tasks that are more creative and less of a check-list item, like writing, reading novels, and maybe even taking a drop-in adult ballet class or two. 
I'm also seeking to recenter my life around God- do you ever find that you lost your center and you're not really sure when or how? I'm appreciating the grace and love he's giving me as I center back in.
I've been exploring the Enneagram for over a year and it's helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and others. I'm really enjoying the account @justmyenneatype. This post definitely helped solidify my identification as a four. 
At the start of trimester three I had my students decorate a quote that inspired them. I loved seeing what encourages them. 
This book was really validating in our platitude-filled society. 


I've been wanting to try a fun and bright purplish lip, I picked this one up at Ulta. This is my only picture so far, in the back of the car on the way to the zoo. 
I found this sweater at a huge discount at Loft, it's the perfect in-between layering piece.

I'm loving these high-waist trousers. Full post coming soon! 
I saw Captain Marvel with friends and spent a third of the movie wondering if I could pull of her blunt long bob hair cut. I'm considering this one- what do you think? It would be a big change.

What are you loving lately? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. I think that haircut would look great on you! I had it cut like that a few years back and loved it! Also, I'm loving the purple hued lip on you!


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