On the Go Winter Outfit Inspiration

We all want to be warm when we go out in the winter chill, but preferably avoid being Ralphie's little brother so stuffed with layers that you can't put your arms down. I've got some outfits today to freshen up winter wear during this long season. These are great looks for when you are on the go, needing to be comfortable and warm but wanting to also be stylish. Keep in mind I live in Western Oregon and our climate is fairly mild, so if you were in the Polar Vortex this year don't laugh at me not wearing gloves :)

I've been experimenting with chic looks for fuzzy Ugg-style boots, and this was a winner. The leopard print sweater underneath and faux fur scarf add a touch of glam. 

I wore this outfit for a day adventuring around Portland. Comfortable sneakers, a crewneck sweatshirt, and a warm jacket had me feeling warm and ready to move. 
I wore this look shopping with my sister, it's a good one for when you'll mostly be inside but want to be warm during those outside transitions. I liked the smidge of edginess in the pop of leopard in the belt, the long necklace, and rolled jeans. 
My grandma has been making me these adorable messy bun hats. I love that they keep ears warm while still showing hair, I have this thing about hats which completely hide my hair. I think some color and pattern mixing can make winter layers pop.
I wore this outfit meandering Seaside in January. I am loving puffer vests, this one from Old Navy has the perfect length and quilted pattern. A scarf and wristlet pull the look together.

Here's the vest and bun hat again with a sweater and leggings for a Sunday afternoon coffee shop visit.
As evidenced by the bangs, this photo was actually taken a couple of years ago in Walla Walla. Ankle booties with a cotton blazer over a sweater nicely walk that line in between dressed up and casual. 
I loved that while putting this post together I got to relive my fun outings this winter. I've learned to relax and enjoy reading inside with the fire going, or working on art projects at the table while listening to a great playlist, but I always feel alive on these little adventures, and bundling up to go out is always worth it. 

For more cold weather outfits, check out this oversize sweater look, December outfits, and some ideas for cozy workwear.  

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  1. You have some great winter outfits. I love that olive green jacket and that hat that let's the ponytail peek out is my jam!!!

  2. It's so funny - I saw that picture of you and thought - That's Walla Walla! Then I saw your caption. I love it there! All these looks are so cute!

  3. I love your Winter outfits on the go, Kelsey. Great Winter style. Looking put-together while staying warm. =)

    Welcome by Thursday to link up, my friend. =) Have a great rest of the week! <3 Ada.

  4. The bangs are cute! Great winter outfits. I love the olive green jacket (and think I might have the same one in a lighter khaki color ;).

  5. Such cute outfits. I love the olive green parka and the mustard sweater, so pretty. Have a lovely day! :)

    Madeline | CappuccinoandFashion.com

  6. Great winter outfits. I love how you look with bangs!!

  7. Haha, love the Christmas Story reference! Hello from a fellow Pacific Northwester in Seattle! I love the messy bun hat -- I hate wearing regular hats over my bun and don't like the ones that just cover the ear -- so that's a great alternative! Stay warm :)

  8. Aw, you're so cute!!! I am loving the scarves you've picked.

  9. I love the green jacket! Also I'm a scarf lover :) Wearing one now!

  10. Winter is the best time to experiment with your Shearling Jackets at your casual wardrobe . You’ll probably find that this is the look you end up wearing the most. With the need to layer, your options are endless.


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