Peach, Mint, and Gold Bathroom

Of all the rooms to decorate, one I always put a lot of thought into is the bathroom.

This seems silly- you don't spend much time in this room compared to others, and it has a pretty clear function. But when I decorate, I think of how I want that room to make me feel. And I want a bathroom to fit all the different purposes it serves- from quick stops to waking up and getting ready hurriedly to a leisurely Sunday evening bath. I want it to be a place that I can wake up happily, and a place I can peacefully unwind. That is why I put so much thought into bathroom décor.

When we began brainstorming potential colors for each room in our apartment, I went to Pinterest to look for the bathroom. I ended up choosing some very trendy colors- peach, mint, and gold. Even though they have been 'it' colors the last few years, these are colors I have always liked. I feel they have a great balance of calm and happy. I also should note that I am lucky to have a husband to not consider any color too girly (he looks great in his purple polo, and picked out our flamingo Fiesta Ware!) I think that's part of it, but the other part is that he knows I care way more about décor than him, and he's pretty happy with anything.

Anyway, this was some of my Pinspiration:



Now, we live in a rental apartment and are not able to make major changes like paint and fixtures, and our bathroom is fairly small. This made my compulsive desire to have a beautiful bathroom a little more of a challenge, but with time I believe we've managed to succeed!

Here's a few of my keys for making a small bathroom pretty:

Colors: Choose colors that suit the mood that you want to start and end your day with. We wanted ours to be happy and calm. Also, try to keep your colors as consistent as possible. Mint and peach are both colors that can really vary, so I was careful to keep them matched throughout all items. This keeps it looking polished and not overdone.

Details: I think some of the details in our bathroom really help the whole thing come together. Some examples are our gold shower curtain hangers, the gold edged frames, and matching tooth brush holder and soap dispenser. I chose gold as an accent color to pull it all together and these little detail items help make that happen. I got most of these items at Target, and sponge-painted the frames myself.
Personalize it: There are several unique items in our bathroom that I adore. I found the shabby chic style wicker shelf at Elm Street Antiques here in Hermiston. The gold flower candle holder was a steal from a second-hand store in Newberg called Velour. One of my favorite pieces is the framed Song of Solomon verse a friend gave me at a bridal shower. And then of course there's some photos. These personal touches help tie it together and make it ours. I think displaying personal décor and accessories helps it be cozy, but not too far to the side of cluttered.
Finally, if you want to enjoy spending time in your bathroom, keep it in a condition that you will enjoy! For some people this might mean meticulous cleaning, for others it may mean keeping the cleaning routine more relaxed so it's a place you are not stressed. Whatever works for you. Additionally, Organize it in a way that is helpful to you. Also, if you are like me and like to change the way things look, switch it up every now and then. For instance we have three different sets of colored towels I like to use in this bathroom (thanks to being really spoiled with wedding gifts!)
I hope this inspires you to create or reclaim your bathroom as a place you like to be, that helps you start and end your day happily.

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