When I Let My Husband Pack for Me

 "I have an idea. Why don't you let me pack for you."
That's what my husband said to me as we were waking up the day we'd leave for our Father's Day weekend visit.
I often pack his bag for trips, so it was a sweet gesture and I agreed. I was a little worried what he would end up choosing and tried to give some pointers, but he said that if I was letting him do it, I had to stop bossing him around!

After I came back from Jazzercise that morning, Daniel had packed for both of us. I was so impressed! He had laid out the three outfits I needed, plus workout clothes and pajamas. He even put out jewelry, shoes, and remembered things like undershirts.
It was actually his idea for me to blog about it, so anytime that he suggests taking pictures, I am enthusiastic :) So here's a silly little post of what I wore when my husband packed for me.

For our travel day, he picked out this casual look of a light sweatshirt over a tee, dark wash jeans, and nike sneakers. This was perfect for being in the car and lounging when we got to my Dad's. 
On Father's Day we had lunch at Daniel's parents, and a barbecue dinner at my Dad's. Daniel picked out this floral dress (that I seriously think I have had for 10 years!) because he said he had not seen it before. He paired it with my lacy Tom's shoes. 
He also paired it with this long yellow cardigan, which I never would have thought of, but I really like the look! 
On our last day, we lounged a bit and then headed home. When I first saw this outfit I thought it was way too stylish for just relaxing and being in the car, but it turned out to be pretty comfy too. It might look a little familiar, this is an outfit I tend to repeat and I guess he caught onto that! 
I didn't know that I could trust my husband to pack for me, and I was really impressed with what he put together! Specifics that he remembered and styled made me realize he takes more notice of little things than I thought. I'd definitely let him do it again, if he offers! 
It was a great weekend and we enjoyed spending some sweet time with some family. 

This is my niece Ada, she is such a sweetie! I wonder if those moccasins come in my size...

My Dad made a delicious strawberry pie. He's recently gotten into making pies, I don't mind at all! 

Uncle Daniel reading to Charlie and Ada. 
This is my Dad, sister, and I. Yes, he is being a classic dad wearing socks and flip flops. I am so blessed to have wonderful family and an amazing dad. 

Would you ever let someone else pack for you? What do you usually wear on weekend visits? Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Omg so brave of you! But he did great! I don't know if I would trust Justin with the same task, but maybe I'll give it a shot sometime :)

  2. That's is really cute. I know I could never let my hubby do this for me. That would not work out well for me.

  3. Miss, you are brave! I would never let Chris pack for me!

    And congrats! We have chosen to feature this delicious post on the next Peace, Love, Linkup! Grab a feature button and stop by tomorrow at 6 to share more great content! : )

  4. I am barely able to piece a decent outfit together, and my other half, wholly unable. I pity our daughter in the years to come. I vote yes on adult baby mocs, but if they come to pass, I'll def need some style guidance. Love the pic of you with your dad!

  5. What a fun post! Your husband did a GREAT job packing for you! I've asked my husband to pick out outfits for me, and he always says it's too much pressure... but he likes it when I ask him to pick out finishing accessories -- like I'll show him three belts and ask him to choose which one to wear. :)

  6. Wow! He did a great job! That makes me want to try it... but I'm afraid what the result would be...


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