A Touch of Sparkle

I love sparkles.
But I haven't always.

In fact I had a bit of a punk rock phase, objecting to all things girly, in middle school. Surprising I know. Luckily I started wearing colors besides red and black somewhere around ninth grade. Since then I have even embraced sparkles.

Sparkles always make me feel more pretty and feminine and a tiny bit princess-y, even if I have a crazy day or my hair is kind of dirty (ahem, with very thick hair sometimes I get lazy).

I got this cowl scarf as a Christmas gift from a friend. It has hues of oatmeal, grey, pink and touches of sparkle. This headband from Francesca adds just the right amount of sparkle to give that princess-y feel.

When I first looked at the pictures from this shoot, I was sad to see all the zoomed out ones were not great- the edge of my slip is showing! My first thought was I won't post any full-outfit shots. Then I thought about how we only share things on blogs and social media that are perfect. I realized I want you to know I definitely do not have perfect and polished outfits every single second. So here's my full outfit shot, complete with too-long slip.

Scarf- JC Penney
Headband- Francesca's
Dress- Forever 21 (See another style with this dress here)
Ankle booties- Payless (also worn here and here)

Did you have any awkward fashion phases like my punk rock phase in middle school? What do you think of sparkles?

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  1. Super cute! I love the look of solid colored dresses with scarves! Way to go being brave and showing things that aren't completely perfect!

    Sierra Elizabeth


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