Edgefield Getaway

Over Veteran's Day weekend Daniel and I decided to go on a one-night getaway to Edgefield. Daniel got a McMenamin's passport for his birthday and wanted to rake in some stamps. We definitely accomplished that!

McMenamin's quirky, artsy style is so Pacific Northwest and I love the historical buildings. Edgefield was built in 1911 as the Multnomah County Poor Farm, later a nursing home, and restored by McMenamin's in the 1990's. The walls of Edgefield are full of murals depicting the history of the grounds. There are several unique bars to grab a drink:
Jerry's Ice House is a tribute to the Grateful Dead. I literally had never listened to the Grateful Dead once before, but sitting in Jerry's immersed in the music and style, I felt like I should become a fan.
The Little Red Shed is a tiny little whiskey bar with a cozy fireplace. They could probably seat 12 guests. It really is little!
The basement Winery had live music and was packed with people sampling flights of wine. 
Lucky Staehly's Pool Hall had darts, pinball, and shuffleboard too. Surprise, I'm good at darts! Embarrassingly enough, my bicep was sore the next day from flicking the dart repetitively. 
My favorite food experience from the trip was at Staehly's. I enjoyed a Terminator Stout with a super rich chocolate cake made from the same beer. It was dark, chocolatey, coffee deliciousness. I've mentioned the pairing a few times since and Daniel says I'm obsessed. 
I wasn't able to get photos, but there is an amazing outdoor soaking pool. It's just below hot tub temperature. Steam rises into the air as guests enjoy poolside drinks from the Tea House Bar. 
We watched some artists at work in the Glass Blowing at the Gorge Glashaus. It's so cool what they can do, and really mesmerizing to watch. 
 From the furniture, landscaping, experiences, atmosphere, and food and drink, the whole Edgefield experience is relaxing, whimsical, and immersive. 
We're just trying to decide which McMenamin's destination to hit next! 

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  1. This sounds like a fun trip. The McMenamin's passport has always intrigued me, but there is no way we would be able to finish it in a year.

  2. I've been to Edgefield for dinner, but we didn't see the tiny whisky bar - that looks awesome! I'll go there next time for sure.

  3. Looks fun and exciting!



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