Shopping is my cardio AND strength training!

When I go shopping, I am that person that brings 26 things into the dressing room. 
Just ask my friends and family.
Because of that, I've discovered it's important to have a quick change outfit, with versatile items I can easily tuck in or layer over potential purchases. A fitted jacket, simple tee, casual jeans, and easy flats do the trick. A small cross-body bag holds the essentials without adding bulk while I hold dozens of hangers on my arms. Have you seen those shirts that say "shopping is my cardio"? Well, it can be strength training too! 

These photos were from a great day shopping at Woodburn Outlets with my close friend Tayleranne. I once heard that Woodburn Outlets is the most visited tourist destination in Oregon. While I love the mall, that would be really sad with all the amazing places Oregon has to offer! 
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  1. A quick change outfit is key. Thanks for pointing that out! I haven't been to that outlet and I'm amazed that it's the most visited place for tourists in OR. Will wonders never cease.

  2. Fun! I've made the mistake (on several occasions) of wearing knee high boots and a button up for shopping. The worst!!!

  3. Cute bag! It's been forever since I've made it out to the Woodburn Outlets. Thanks for reminding me I need to make a trip!

  4. You are so smart about thinking ahead to a quick change outfit when going out on the shopping trip

  5. Yes! When doing a lot of shopping, it's so annoying to have to take off cumbersome layers. Hoodies are the worst!

  6. Great idea to dress in layers like that for shopping! I am sure it makes everything much easier and faster in the dressing room!

  7. Oh my gosh you're RIGHT - shopping really is strength training, haha! I love your cute layers!
    I hope you'll add this pretty outfit to On Mondays We Link Up!

  8. I always try and dress with the easiest clothes. Jeans and t shirts are usually my go to as well as easy slip on shoes!


  9. I can totally relate.... sometimes i will carry them in my arms and when i put them down my arms will seriously hurt after carrying all that weight.

  10. Nice and perfect looking outfit..


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