2017 Must List: Experiences, Not Things!

A must list often consists of "things"- must haves. When I think of my vision for my life, my must haves are experiences, not things! As spring is drawing near and possibilities are expanding, I'm beginning to think of the activities I really want to do this year. Here begins my must-do list for 2017!
1. Go Hiking
 Exploring nature is one of the things that makes me feel most alive! This year I want to go hiking and explore new places, especially state parks and national parks if possible. I haven't been to Crater Lake since I was really young, I would love to return there! I feel like it is a must as an Oregonian!

2. Go to a Concert
Looking back at the concerts I've been to, I feel amazed that I've seen so many of my favorite artists live! From Dashboard Confessional to Taylor Swift to the Dixie Chicks, going to a concert of an artist that you adore is such a fun and unique experience. Artists still on my must-see list: Andrew McMahon, Jason Mraz, The Rocket Summer.
     3. Attend a Food Festival  
       Ok, I've been to a couple of food festivals, and they are crazy- so many overwhelming choices, a multitude of delicious smells, and tons of things to look at! I often see ads for food events coming up, but this year I want to plan to attend one! 

      4. See an NBA Game 
      This one is really me trying to be a better wife... just kidding, I also have enjoyed the NBA games I have been to! I'm not a big sports spectator, but I like the fast pace of basketball and family members are big Blazer fans.
5. Stay Overnight in a New Place
 While it's always nice to visit the places I've been vacationing since I was a kid, visiting somewhere new is invigorating. Staying overnight in a new city or tiny mountain town gives you the whole experience: from nightlife to cafe breakfasts and everything in between.

6. Attend Holiday Events
 During holidays I always enjoy getting out and about. Going to events and performances celebrating the season is a great way to get into the spirit! Whether it's a Christmas choir program or a Fourth of July parade, this year I want to attend more holiday events with my loved ones.

7. Run a Race
 I'm definitely an on and off runner, but I've participated in a few races and they really motivate me and are such fun and rewarding experiences. I would love to run both a 5k and a mud run this year. Mud runs are my absolute favorite- there's just something exciting about getting absolutely filthy sliding into mud pits, jumping into dirty pools, and climbing 20 foot rope towers!

8. Attend Plays
 I have always loved theater performances. We recently went to an amazing community theater production of The Producers in Walla Walla. I would love to check out more community theaters, and attend at least one big production from Broadway Across America this year!

9. Get Out on the Water 
      There is something so peaceful and adventurous about kayaking. I've enjoyed exploring many lakes and rivers with my dad, and enjoyed some memorable waterways with friends, too! We've always meant to rent a kayak and get out on the three rivers of Tri-cities, this year will be the year!

I know there's much more I want to do than just this list, it is fun to dream about exciting activities to do. As fun as it is to also daydream about a trip to the mall, I find that the time and finances I put into experiences is much more rewarding! If you're someone who likes to plan events through church, community, family, or some other group, check out EventBrite's event planning page. This is a great resource for making everything come together smoothly and easily so you can enjoy your event! 

What's on your 2017 Must-Do List?

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  1. Wonderful list! I try each season to come up with a list of experiences to do with my boys/ family; new places to check out, fun crafts to try, new recipes to test out, etc.


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