Nature Tones & Peaceful Mood Bathroom

We live in a two bedroom two bathroom apartment. When we moved in, I was pleasantly surprised to find out we would have two bathrooms. I already had a vision for one bathroom, but not a second! I browsed Pinterest (of course) and decided on a color palette of natural tones, and a calming mood. 

The green and brown hues are warm and peaceful. I found this shower curtain at Fred Meyer and loved the whimsical nature pattern.
I had originally made canvasses of these photos for my bedroom in college. I found a new home for them in the bathroom. These photos are all from outdoor adventures I've enjoyed. 
We received this candle tray and fountain as wedding gifts. They were the perfect addition to create a "zen" atmosphere.

I enjoy having a soft rug in the bathroom in a complimentary color. I get tired of the rug sliding around and bunching up, however. While there are plenty of rug liners available at the store, I have been really pleased with my experience with RugPadUSA.
This company uses ethically sourced materials to create long-lasting and quality rug pads. They offer different materials for a variety of floors and purposes. I wan't sure which kind I wanted, but an associate was able to recommend one ideal for my floor and rug type.
Another service I really enjoyed was the customized size. Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect size at the store. With RugPadUSA you can order a pad for any rug size, the custom cut is complimentary. They also offer free shipping. Overall, I was really pleased with the customer service and have found the product to be excellent, it really keeps the carpet in place and adds a little extra cushion.
Do you have a "zen" room in your home? This is definitely not my usual decorating style, but I always enjoy the calming atmosphere of my hall bathroom. If you enjoyed this post, take a look at my other decorating posts about my apartment living room, my friend's adorable dining nook, or my other bathroom!
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  1. Your bathroom looks awesome! I love that color pallete. I've recently started to enjoy using neutral tones as well, there really is something so calming about them.

  2. I have never like neutral colors.....I do like them here.


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